“A friend raved about her experience with TopCat and referred me to Sam. The next time I had a problem, I was so glad I called him. First, he’s a very positive and upbeat person, which is good when you’re in the depths of panic and despair over your malfunctioning computer. Second, he knows his stuff – he’s solved every problem I’ve had since (some remotely, which is very convenient). Third, he does all of this efficiently and at reasonable prices. This is the guy you want to call!”
Paula Wheeler – P.K. Wheeler Communications
Thank you so much for all the work you have done to keep my computer setup working well and efficiently. The help with security software, both recommendation and installation was really well done. Plus all the phone calls, home visits, keyboard repair and system analysis were so helpful to keep the me online.
I highly recommend your service to anyone with home or small business computing needs. They should take advantage of your experience, great service and expertise, What you provide is so necessary in today’s complex world of technology and the need to manage it so we can take advantage of our investment.”
Richard Kirwin – Kirwin Consulting, LLC
“Although I rely on my computer every single day for work, I don’t speak ‘computer’ terms. When I started to notice things weren’t right, Top Cat PC came to the rescue. Sam speaks ‘computer’ but in a language even I can understand. With ease, Sam cleaned things up and made suggestions for future use. His knowledge is deep and his skills are quick – it’s the perfect combination. I have recommended Sam to many friends who have computer assistance needs for their home or office systems. It’s great to have someone you can rely on and trust for any computer emergency.”
Bridget Carlson – Fox Point, WI
“I have worked with Sam Librizzi of Top Cat PC for about 3 years. I have found him to be very responsive, reliable, knowledgeable and capable of solving virtually any of my computer issues. He does this quickly and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Top Cat PC and Sam Librizzi.”
Jamie Kowalski – Jamie Kowalski Consulting, LLC
“Sam was highly recommended by a friend of mine when my computer got a virus. He not only fixed it but was very friendly and personable. When I was in the market to buy another computer he researched for the best fit for my needs and made recommendations all without charge. Great service!”
Elise Roudbush – Shorewood, WI
“I have known Sam for several years. He has helped me with both my personal and professional computer needs during this time. Whatever I have needed done, Sam has taken care of it successfully. He is very responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable … and a genuinely nice (and funny) person too. Sam helped me set up a new computer at my office and made sure all my files were transferred intact.
Recently, my daughter’s laptop had major problems. Sam responded to my request quickly, and my daughter’s computer was up and running the next day. I’ve also called Sam a number of times to get his advice when thinking about purchasing a new piece of computer-related hardware or software. I am a real fan of Sam and always recommend him to my friends and business partners.”
David Smulyan – Optimal Solutions Squared, LLC